Orthodontic Products That Can Help During Treatment

Raleigh Orthodontics: Orthodontic Products That Can Help During Treatment

Getting started on your orthodontics treatment is no easy feat. If you or someone you love is learning all the ins and outs of braces or other orthodontics, then they may not know what products to use that might help make their treatment smoother, simpler, and easier. 

Dr. Grossman at Raleigh Orthodontics has seen it all before and knows just what to recommend to his patients who are struggling with issues that naturally come up during orthodontic treatment. Simplifying your life with supportive products during your treatment will make your progress so much more enjoyable, leading you to faster, healthier results. 

Why You Might Need Special Products

One thing that Dr. Grossman always reminds his patients is that each person’s orthodontic experience is completely unique. Treatments or products that might work for one person could be a terrible fit for someone else. That’s the beauty of having a team behind you to offer support and tips that you need along the way. 

Depending on which kind of treatment you are using, you may need products that help treat pain or support safety, and for others, you might need things that can help you keep your teeth clean during treatment. We typically categorize these supportive products based on two treatment categories: braces and aligners. Though there are some differences between different types of braces or aligners that you may use, these suggestions should work well for any type within that category! 

Products for Braces

Floss Threader or Water Flosser

Keeping your mouth clean should be priority one when you have braces on! Because of the food and plaque that can easily get trapped around brackets and wires, it is more important than ever to be flossing daily. That’s why we hand out floss threaders to our patients when they get braces in order to help simplify that process. 

A floss threader works similarly to a needle and thread. Guide the floss through the eye of the threader, and then use it to pull the floss underneath each wire as you floss each tooth. It takes a bit of practice to get the hang of it, but you’ll be flossing quickly in no time!

Another, newer product on the market to help simplify flossing is a water flosser. These small devices hold water that jets out in a small stream, pushing plaque and food particles out from between your teeth. This is a really effective and simple method to floss your teeth, but remember there is a slight cost to purchase one, so take that into account. 

Electric Toothbrush

While an electric toothbrush is also a product that will need to be purchased at varying costs, the cleaning power is well worth it for many people. Electric toothbrushes have rotating heads that are perfect for getting around brackets and wires to give you the best clean while wearing braces. 


Wax is an easy, helpful tool for people who experience pain in their mouth after getting braces on. Sometimes brackets can rub against the sensitive inside of the cheeks, resulting in irritation. A bit of dental wax can soothe that almost instantly. 

To apply wax, pinch off a small piece with clean hands and roll it between your fingers for a few seconds to soften it up and make a small ball. Then simply push the wax onto the offending bracket to cover it and prevent it from rubbing against your mouth. Easy! Just remove it before eating and drinking, and replace it a few times a day as necessary.


Mouthguards are essential for kids or adults who are very active and play a lot of contact sports, or activities with balls and projectiles. A mouthguard can protect your teeth and mouth in case of an accident where you are hit in the mouth by a ball or another person. Without a mouthguard, this could do some damage to the inside of your mouth, but a mouthguard can keep your teeth and mouth safe. 

Products for Clear Aligners

Cleaning Solutions

In general, wearing clear aligners is easier to maintain than braces, and requires fewer products overall. This is one of the reasons why they are so popular! But one of the biggest issues that people experience with retainers is keeping them clean. 

If you feel like you aren’t able to get your clear aligner clean enough with your daily brushing routine, then consider a cleaning solution to help loosen up stuck plaque and mineral buildup. You can buy denture solutions at your local pharmacy, and many places now offer specific retainer cleaners that you can purchase. After soaking your retainer in the fluid it should be easy to scrub it clean and restore it to being nearly as good as new!


Keeping your retainer safe and sound while eating and drinking is one of the most important parts of Invisalign treatment. If you need to take your retainers out for a meal, it can be dangerous to fold them in a napkin and then accidentally toss them in the trash. 

You can avoid this common mistake by keeping a case on you at all times. A retainer case that can pop into your backpack or work bag and you can use to discreetly stash your retainers for lunch will be a lifesaver to keeping your retainers safe and your treatment on track. 

Orthodontic Products That Can Help During Treatment

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