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Why choose Raleigh Orthodontics?

  • Board Certified Personalized Care
  • Newer and Safer Digital X-rays
  • All Kinds of Braces and Aligners
  • Affordable Easy Financing Options
  • Serving Children, Teens and Adults
  • Individual Expert Attention at Each Visit
  • Complimentary Consultation Including Digital Photos
  • Appointment Reminders by Text Message and E-mail
  • Serving the Raleigh, Wake Forest, Louisburg and Butner-Creedmoor Areas

Creating bright, healthy smiles that bring joy and happiness is what Raleigh Orthodontics is all about!

At Raleigh Orthodontics, we take great smiles personally. Dr Bert and his Raleigh Orthodontics team are committed to providing you expert, customized Orthodontic care personally designed by Dr. Bert and delivered at each visit by Dr. Bert and his highly experienced team.

Exceptional training and decades of experience are focused to provide you with personalized professional care using braces for a beautiful smile to last a lifetime.

High quality personal care, easy, affordable and finished on time with great results is our standard.

Personal, professional care for your child’s smile, your smile. Make your complimentary consultation appointment now. Call us at 919-847-6364 today!

Thanks Dr. Bert…the kids really love you!
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The Power of a Beautiful Smile

At Dr. Bert Kelling’s Raleigh Orthodontics office, we believe in the power of a beautiful smile. At our three convenient locations in Butner-Creedmoor, Louisburg and Raleigh, North Carolina, we value overall health and especially a full, bright smile, a solid bite, and comfortable jaw functioning.

Your child’s smile is personal. If your youngster isn’t smiling, or doesn’t feel great about his or her smile, you’re not smiling either. If you’re not smiling because of how your teeth look, you may not be enjoying life to the fullest.

Our mission is to provide this for our patients in a way as uplifting and rewarding as the smiles we are creating together. It is our vision that in so cultivating healthy smiles we nurture our patients’ and our own mutual well-being. We believe in the power of a beautiful smile!