Where to Go For Your Family’s Orthodontic Care


The members of American Association of Orthodontists want everyone who needs orthodontic care to get the right care that is timed and delivered properly to get the most beautiful result.  To help with this, the AAO has written extensive practice guidelines, and only accepts members with full orthodontic specialty training.  For folks to determine if they are finding a fully trained orthodontic professional, the AAO provides a few questions to ask.


To specialize in orthodontics, did you graduate from a 2-3 year residency program in orthodontics after you graduated from dental school?See more at www.aaoinfo.org

  1. Do you only do orthodontic treatment? Or, do you also offer other services like filling cavities, pulling teeth, doing root canals or treating gum disease?
  2. If you provide a variety of services, can you refer me to an orthodontic specialist?
  3. How do you remain current in the diagnosis and treatment of orthodontic problems?
  4. Will my treatment be managed and monitored by an orthodontic specialist?
  5. What treatment options are available to me?  How do you determine what type of treatment options would work for me?


Having the working knowledge and skills to provide the best care for a given patient requires an in-depth understanding of the wide variety of orthodontic appliances and how to use them. This involves more than just braces.

It also requires extensive training and experience with facial and dental growth and development, to determine the best timing of braces, what to expect from the growing patient’s facial and jaw growth and the proper way to maintain the final correction.

Orthodontists use their expertise to provide the quality of care necessary to consider how treatment will affect the face, lips and smile as well as the teeth and bite.  Even more, how the bite is arranged can affect the way the jaw joints and chewing muscles work.  Without the full knowledge of orthodontics, coordinating all these areas can be compromised.

An Orthodontist works full time in orthodontics and has knowledge of the wide variety of traditional orthodontic treatment varieties, facial growth and jaw functioning as well as expert understanding of the orthodontic scientific literature to carefully bring advances to patient care and to provide the expert care you deserve.

Only an Orthodontist has the education, skills, and experience to be an expert.

You have only one chance to correct an orthodontic problem during a child’s adolescent growth.  If it isn’t done the best way, you can’t go back and try another way because the growth phase of the patient is over.  You have to get it right the first time.  Knowing this is why early orthodontic professionals began the orthodontic specialty over 100 years ago, the first specialty in dentistry.  The very best care is critically important.

While it may be fairly easy to line-up front teeth, that is far different from guiding a patient’s dental and facial development to help create a healthy, beautiful smile and bite to last a lifetime.

Why not trust your orthodontic care to an expert who does it all day, every day and who can determine the very best treatment for you?

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