Take a Good Look–  First see exactly what’s going on.  Place your child laying on a sofa with his/her head drooped back over the arm, mouth facing up, with a floor lamp over their wide-open mouth.  Take a good look at the broken braces for the loose or sticking part.  Compare the offending side with the opposite side to see what it’s supposed to look like.

Pencil Eraser Sometimes a very short wire end will get out of adjustment.  It may be a short, twisted wire called a pigtail.  You can use the eraser end of a pencil to direct the sticking braces wire or pigtail back toward the tooth and away from the cheek or lip.

Wax and Gum  Your orthodontist gave you some wax to place over rough parts of braces so consider using this.  If you don’t have any wax or it’s not staying where you want it, get some sugar-less gum, chew up a small piece just enough to soften it, and smush it over the pokey part.

Tweezers or Pliers These are handy if a wire gets out of place and can be replaced or fully removed.  Use these if you need to remove a loose piece of wire after cutting it.

Finger Nail Clippers Sometimes a loose braces wire can’t be placed back where it should go and needs clipping.  Finger nail clippers are handy for this.  Cut the loose part of the wire closest to where it’s attached to the rest of the braces and be careful to remove the cut-off part.  Place wax or gum over the new end if it’s rough.

Always feel free to call your orthodontist for help! 

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