These are typical testimonial letters that I receive from many patients. I am extremely proud of my staff and the way our team, that includes me, work together to do what is best for the patient.


Several years ago, we faced the possibility of having three teens in braces for a beautiful smile, all at one time. The idea of that experience was daunting both emotionally and financially. To come to terms with it, we launched into a family-based discovery. We sought out referrals from family and friends and proceeded to visit and interview Orthodontists. While we visited with many impressive practices, we easily reached a unanimous decision to trust Dr. Bert and the staff at Raleigh Orthodontics with our children’s care and our family investment.We found Dr. Bert and his staff to be knowledgeable, caring, welcoming and very interested in each of our children as individuals. We had many questions before, during, and after the process. Each inquiry was met with the utmost of care and concern for a satisfying outcome and well being of our children. It says a lot about a practice that you want to keep visiting – even after the braces come off! If you are seeking state of the art treatment for your child’s smile, with a personal and caring touch, see Dr. Bert and Raleigh Orthodontics and it will be joyfully delivered.


Dr. Bert and Raleigh Orthodontics are wonderful to work with. They are not only excellent at their jobs but exceptional at patient interaction. From day one you feel welcome in their office as they set about establishing a positive rapport with each patient to wear braces for a beautiful smile.I like the fact that the cost of care is completely spelled out for you from the very beginning. It is clear what their plans for you are and the steps they foresee it taking to get there. Appointments run smoothly with hardly any wait, and should you have a mishap, they are quick to get you in to fix the problem. They utilize a number of encouragement techniques along the way to enhance your child’s smile.After four children and nearly 12 years of orthodontic experience with Dr. Bert’s Raleigh Orthodontics, I can honestly say we have never had any issues, disappointments, or problems. We now have three beautiful smiles and one who is almost there. Perhaps it’s Mom’s turn now?!


This is totally awesome!”, I hear the words of Rapunzel shouting in the movie Tangled by Disney. This is what can be “shouted” when I testify about Dr. Bert of Raleigh Orthodontics and his staff. The care I have received has been superb from the moment I first arrived in Dr. Bert’s Raleigh Orthodontics office. I am always greeted warmly by his “sensational” assistants, as their name badge states.Dr Bert’s orthodontic care is not only top notch but he personally makes the visits enjoyable with his kind demeanor and big grin on his face. Dr. Bert and the staff of Raleigh Orthodontics go out of their way to make sure that as a patient you are comfortable and understanding of all the care you are given. He is wonderful with all ages, especially with kids and teens.There is always some office game and challenge to be a part of, but the greatest thing about going to Dr. Bert and Raleigh Orthodontics is this: you will come out with the “most beautiful smile ever!

Andrew & Amy

Dr. Bert and his staff have truly made us feel like we are part of the family over the last 13 years of care. First and foremost, our children have beautiful, healthy, and gorgeous smiles as a result of Dr. Bert’s and Raleigh Orthodontics excellent treatment protocols. Both of our children are continuously complimented on their perfectly straight teeth and prominent smiles. In addition, the staff is always so warm and friendly.They know us all by first name and are extremely organized, professional, and respectful of our time. Dr. Bert and his Raleigh Orthodontics staff are extremely flexible and accommodating to our hectic schedule and needs. They make what could be a stressful experience, effortless. We are thrilled with the results and highly recommend Dr. Bert and Raleigh Orthodontics!


Dr. Kelling and Raleigh Orthodontics do an incredible job with their orthodontic patients! We have two daughters who have already been treated by Dr. Kelling and his wonderful staff and we are finishing up the last six months of our third daughter’s treatment as well. As a busy family of five, we have been incredibly impressed with the conscientiousness of the entire staff in doing the best job they can with each appointment while keeping appointments on time.From the initial consultation through the big “Celebration” when the braces come off, the entire Raleigh Orthodontics team have been extremely professional, always encouraging, and the results of their braces for a beautiful smile have been tremendous. All three of our daughters have fantastic smiles! Thank you for your incredible service and for making the process very enjoyable.


Dr. Bert Kelling and Raleigh Orthodontics have been taking good care of my kids for years. When my 18-year-old was about 7 years old (Catherine), he suggested we see a specialist at UNC Dental School about a complicated issue with her jaw. She finally had the surgery at 17 years old…..and everything went great with braces for a beautiful smile! My 16-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter have also been in Dr. Bert’s care for years, and they all have million dollar smiles! Thank You, Dr. Bert, You’re the Best! Thanks, Dr. Bert…the kids really love you!


At 54 years of age and dealing with gum disease, Dr. Bert was able to help me by working closely with my periodontist. I had a very bad over bite and my front teeth protruded. I didn’t like to smile because of my bite. I thought that because my bones had deteriorated under my teeth I would not be able to have braces. Boy! I was wrong. I loved every minute of wearing braces because I felt “special.” I really didn’t want to take my braces off, but Dr. Bert said they had to come off. My teeth are now straight. I am proud of what Dr. Bert was able to do. Now I like to smile! Thanks, Dr. Bert.


The encouragement, smiles, tokens, notes, and kind reminders have made every interaction with your office a pleasure. You provide a needed and exceptional service to our community. Each of you is appreciated.


After receiving such beneficial and personal care for my older children, we naturally returned to Dr. Bert when our younger children needed orthodontic care. Dr. Bert and his staff have cared for our family for 8 years and have sought to meet our individual needs in treatment and finances to get braces for a beautiful smile. This team truly looks out for the best interest of their patients!