Heather Raleigh Orthodontics Raleigh Louisburg Creedmoor, NC

Treatment Assistant

Hi! I’m Heather, and it’s wonderful to join the Raleigh Orthodontic family!

I began my journey into dentistry in 2004 as a Dental Specialist in the US Army (I got to live in Germany!). On exiting the military, I began working for an Orthodontist and never looked back. The mechanics and attention to detail that comes with moving teeth fascinate me. My favorite part of the day is watching patients get used to their brand new ‘brace free’ smile, and the confidence that comes along with it!

When I’m not working to make beautiful smiles, I’m spending time with my dog, Huey, or traveling with friends and family. I love to go to the beach (or anywhere near water, really) and to get out of the country to see the world as often as possible. I am also an aspiring foodie, yogi, and I enjoy hiking with my pup.