Enjoy Free Ice Cream All Summer Long!

Welcome to summer, everyone!  The Raleigh Orthodontics team invites all patients, parents, and friends to indulge in their ice cream celebration after office visits.  Dr. Bert will supply ice cream sandwiches and nutty-buddies with one request: plan a fun and safe summer for yourselves!


WildSmile Braces at Raleigh Orthodontics!


Make your braces your braces! Show your personality with WildSmiles, the only braces that turn correction into Expression! WildSmiles Braces are designed to make your orthodontic experience fun.

Take your orthodontic braces from mild to wild with WildSmiles Braces! WildSmiles are specially designed brackets that come in a variety of fun shapes including: Stars, Hearts, Soccer balls, Footballs, Flowers, and Super-Diamonds.

Personalize your orthodontic experience

With WildSmiles, you can choose your favorite shape and mix the brackets with colored elastics for added individuality and a completely custom experience.

How do WildSmiles braces work?

WildSmiles are low profile stainless steel braces that work just like traditional braces. They offer a more comfortable feel than other aesthetic braces like clear ceramic brackets. Patients and doctors want an excellent outcome to orthodontic treatment, WildSmiles provides the same quality smile after treatment but make the journey to a perfect smile more fun.

Embrace Your Expression

It is simple to create your own personalized smile. You get to decide what your smile looks like during your treatment, so choose your favorite shape for a look that is all you!

Visit Dr. Bert Kelling for a braces consultation. WildSmiles are available at Raleigh Orthodontics. During your consultation, we can answer any questions that you may have. Call us, at 919-847-6364 or visit us online at

Where to Go For Your Family’s Orthodontic Care


The members of American Association of Orthodontists want everyone who needs orthodontic care to get the right care that is timed and delivered properly to get the most beautiful result.  To help with this, the AAO has written extensive practice guidelines, and only accepts members with full orthodontic specialty training.  For folks to determine if they are finding a fully trained orthodontic professional, the AAO provides a few questions to ask.


To specialize in orthodontics, did you graduate from a 2-3 year residency program in orthodontics after you graduated from dental school?See more at

  1. Do you only do orthodontic treatment? Or, do you also offer other services like filling cavities, pulling teeth, doing root canals or treating gum disease?
  2. If you provide a variety of services, can you refer me to an orthodontic specialist?
  3. How do you remain current in the diagnosis and treatment of orthodontic problems?
  4. Will my treatment be managed and monitored by an orthodontic specialist?
  5. What treatment options are available to me?  How do you determine what type of treatment options would work for me?


Having the working knowledge and skills to provide the best care for a given patient requires an in-depth understanding of the wide variety of orthodontic appliances and how to use them. This involves more than just braces.

It also requires extensive training and experience with facial and dental growth and development, to determine the best timing of braces, what to expect from the growing patient’s facial and jaw growth and the proper way to maintain the final correction.

Orthodontists use their expertise to provide the quality of care necessary to consider how treatment will affect the face, lips and smile as well as the teeth and bite.  Even more, how the bite is arranged can affect the way the jaw joints and chewing muscles work.  Without the full knowledge of orthodontics, coordinating all these areas can be compromised.

An Orthodontist works full time in orthodontics and has knowledge of the wide variety of traditional orthodontic treatment varieties, facial growth and jaw functioning as well as expert understanding of the orthodontic scientific literature to carefully bring advances to patient care and to provide the expert care you deserve.

Only an Orthodontist has the education, skills, and experience to be an expert.

You have only one chance to correct an orthodontic problem during a child’s adolescent growth.  If it isn’t done the best way, you can’t go back and try another way because the growth phase of the patient is over.  You have to get it right the first time.  Knowing this is why early orthodontic professionals began the orthodontic specialty over 100 years ago, the first specialty in dentistry.  The very best care is critically important.

While it may be fairly easy to line-up front teeth, that is far different from guiding a patient’s dental and facial development to help create a healthy, beautiful smile and bite to last a lifetime.

Why not trust your orthodontic care to an expert who does it all day, every day and who can determine the very best treatment for you?

Visit us online, at or call us to set up a consultation, at 919-847-6364.

The Give & Get Sweepstakes

Give & Get Base

At Raleigh Orthodontics, our team believes that giving is caring. That’s why we invite patients, parents, and the entire community to enter our Give & Get Sweepstakes! Everyone’s invited to have the chance of winning a.. 

$500 shopping spree $500 donation to your favorite charity!

Entering is easy. Simply click HERE and fill out the entry form for your chance to win.


Top 5 Ways to Keep Teeth Straight After Braces: A Mom’s Guide


Everyone who wears braces knows it takes extra care and patience to reach a beautiful result and get those braces off. Then, the minimal effort to keep the teeth straight after braces protects the investment in a great smile to help it last a lifetime.

Here are the top 5 points to remember:

1) Start with expert care. Work with a university trained orthodontic specialist, who knows the details of providing a longest-lasting result.

2) Avoid quick fixes. If treatment has a brief time limit there may not be time to provide the procedures that help your teeth stay straight.

3) Avoid partial corrections. These can allow teeth to shift easily after treatment. If considering clear aligners, be sure to ask your orthodontist what compromises in stability of the teeth might undermine the long-term result, and be ready to deal with these.

4) Use stability techniques. Expert orthodontic care with a specialist can use a variety of extra procedures to help keep teeth straight. This involves special hidden shaping of teeth, select extra correction, and certain gum procedures to name a few.

5) Stay committed to your retainers! Follow all your orthodontist’s recommendations for retainers and how to properly use them. The wide variety of fixed and removable retainers has to be carefully considered and used just as instructed by your orthodontic specialist.

Follow these guidelines for your orthodontic care and you’ll enjoy your healthy, bright beautiful smile for your entire lifetime! That’s something to really smile about! Feel free to ask Dr. Bert more about how to save money on braces with Raleigh Orthodontics. You can call 919-847-6364, or visit


Summer with Raleigh Orthodontics!


Summer is in full swing! Enjoy the essentials of summer with the team at Raleigh Orthodontics.

Free ice cream on us! Enjoy a complimentary frosty delight every time you visit us at Raleigh Orthodontics now through September. Ready your bellies for Ice Cream Sandwiches, Nutty-Buddy Cones and Fudgesicles!

Hawaiian Theme Day. Dress to impress in your best Hawaiian themed attire. Dr. Bert has his Hawaiian shirt ready to go! Join is for a day of fun: a Hula-hoop Contest, ice cream, and a relaxing atmosphere.

Calling all hula-hoop pros!  During our Hawaiian Theme days we’ll be sporting HULA HOOP CONTESTS! Do you think you have what it takes to hula-hoop over 5 minutes? We want to see! Everyone who hula-hoops over 5 minutes can spin our wheel and win a Hawaiian prize or a Kodak instant camera!

Participate in our Hawaiian Theme Days on:

Creedmoor: August 4th

Raleigh: August 11th

Louisburg: August 16th

We’re looking forward to seeing all of our patients and friends in our community this summer. Let’s make summer 2016 one to remember! Oh, and STAY COOL!